Black & Decker LM175 18 inch 6.5 amp Electric Mower Review


I read couple of reviews before ordering my now almost new Black & Decker LM 175 Electric Mower. At $138 and in comparison to other typical gas mowers, I did not expect it to be small, clean, quiet yet efficient, but it was. So far, it has been my best friend in my yard – even my sometimes aching back loves it :)

This Black & Decker LM175 Electric Mower comes with an 18 inch cutting blade, rust proof polymer deck, side discharge with 6.5 amp motor and one touch height adjustment(1 inch to 3 inch). It also carries a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and two year warranty on everything else in the mower.

It came with an instruction manual with all the details that made the assembly of this mower very easy for us. At some points, we feel they would have been better off describing with the help of larger pictures and descriptions in detail. It is also best to lubricate the bolts on the handle before assembly to avoid metal corrosion.

As soon as it was assembled, we were ready to use. We hit the power switch on the right hand side, it started and it is relatively quiet, even when running at full power. Motor is close to ground and is covered by green plastic cover, sound doesn’t get too far.

Its ergo dynamic design of the handle and shape allows it to operate easily and it is even easy on my back. It’s perfect for those who get exhausted or feel aches after mowing. The mower weighs 36 pounds approximately, making it easy to maneuver into tight spaces and across larger lawns. Side discharge is where the grass is collected. This area needs to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid corrosion.

If you are planning to buy this Black & Decker LM175 18 inch 6.5 amp Electric Mower, here are some pros and cons you may consider,

Black & Decker Electric Mower Pros:

  • Light weight and easy to maneuver
  • Ergo dynamic design makes it easy to use
  • Easily affordable, about half the price of an equivalent gas mower
  • Easy to start, just push the power button on the right – no yanking the cord
  • It’s very quiet, as compared to its counterparts
  • It doesn’t smell, like gas fumes after you are done
  • Environment Friendly. Other lawn and gas mowers expel 10 times the amount of pollution per gallon of gas than an automobile does

Black & Decker Electric Mower Cons:

  • The Cord. Since it doesn’t operate on the battery, you will be attached to the house electricity. This is not a problem when doing a regular lawn, but when doing the larger yards or around the trees, this could be a little tricky.
  • Optional mulching bag is small. When collecting grass clippings, it will be need to be emptied multiple number of times. You might be better off returning the clippings to the lawn, which is anyway better for the lawn.

Should you buy Black & Decker LM175 18 inch 6.5 amp Electric Mower?

It depends on many factors. If you have a very large lawn or one with thick grass, this mower may not have enough power. You might be better off looking at other electric mowers with more powerful motors. I have a medium sized lawn, and I am quite happy with my purchase. This is also a great gift idea for men who love to spend time in their backyard.

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