Black Swan Halloween Costume Ideas


Black Swan Halloween CostumeAre you planning to go trick or treating with friends this Halloween? There are many movie themed costume ideas that are perfect fit for this year’s Halloween, among them most popular is the Black Swan Movie Halloween Costume. This movie blends a graceful combination of tragedy and beauty, a woman’s good side and threatening, evil side. That’s what makes this a great feminine and scary Halloween Costume Idea.

In this movie Natalie Portman plays the character of Nina, a distressed belly dancer, who constantly worries about her rival taking her over. She practices day and night, reflecting the light and dark side of of the swan of Swan Lakes.

The Black Swan Natalie Portman Look

The Black Swan Costume has inspired many different styles of ballerina looks and stylish outfits. It has become the most searched for outfit in the internet world. Here is the look at The Black Swan Costume that Natalie Portman sported in the movie.

The Black Swan Costume Basics

To wear the Black Swan Costume, you will need a ballerina dress, ballerina slippers, black mask, black swan style make-up and a few accessories to go with the costume to give it a real look of a white or black swan.

Black Swan SlippersCreate a ballerina look by sporting a black leotard and black tutu skirt. You don’t have to be an actual ballerina to wear this outfit. Since professional ballerina costumes can be quite expensive, you can put one together at home by combining the black leotard and a black tutu skirt. You can also go to your local dance stores and sporting good stores for unitards, leggings, tights, ballerina slippers. Also visit Walmart, sometimes they carry costume accessories at much lower prices.

To buy additional costume accessories like masks, hats and black Ostrich feathers, visit your local dollar stores, thrift stores or fabric stores. Many people sell such accessories at garage sales or flea markets.

Black Swan Make-up and a Ballet Hairdo.

Black Swan Make-up has a dramatic eye make-up and pale face of Natalie Portman’s character. The hairstyle that goes with the Black Swan Costume is a simple high bun. You don’t need to spend hours on the severe hairstyling. This is perfect for any Halloween party and goes perfectly with white or black swan look.

How to create / wear the Black Swan Halloween Costume

The Black Swan Halloween Costume is very easy to create. Just put all the costume accessories together and start putting them on one by one in the following order.

  • Wear the black leotard, black tutu skirt and black tights.
  • For a black swan look, find a black corset with feathers attached to it. You can also attach the black ostrich feathers with a glue gun.
  • Wear your ballerina slippers or black flats
  • For Black Swan Make-up, wear a high bun, add a Black Swan Tiara for a glamorous look. The make-up for this character is a dramatic eye make-up with pale look on the face. For even more realistic look, you can wear Madara Eternal Mangekyou Crazy Colored Circle Contact Lenses.
  • Or to save yourself from this intense make-up, you can wear this dramatic Venetian mask complete with long black feather. This adds a touch of mystery to your Black Swan costume and save you time on your make-up.

And that’s it, you are ready to go!

You can also buy the whole Black Swan Women’s Costume set, everything put together at at very inexpensive price.

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It looks like a lot of work but it sure isn’t. All the pieces are easily available at local stores or can be purchased online.

Once you put everything together, you will look like a real Natalie Portman’s character after wearing this Black Swan Halloween Costume. Enjoy and Have safe and Happy Halloween!

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