Calvin Klein Perfumes and Fragrances Review


Euphoria by Calvin Klein for Women:

Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein for Women was introduced in 2005 as a fun and enticing scent for women. It may become your signature statement if you wear it long enough. You may have strangers approach you and ask you what you are wearing. If you love to hear frequent compliments, this fragrance is definitely for you.

Euphoria for Women

It’s one of those musky scents that equates to sexiness. The notes listed for Euphoria include pomegranate, persimmon, black orchid, lotus blossom, mahogany wood, violet, amber and cream accord. If you don’t like the sweet or musky flavored scents, this probably won’t be your choice.

This is one of those romantic, provocative and cozy scent with floral notes of orchids and Amber. This is a perfect fragrance to wear in the evenings. It comes in a lovely beautiful bottle which looks very elegant and sexy.

Calvin Klein Eternity Cologne for Men

Eternity Cologne for Men by Calvin Klein is like a wish come true for most men. It is a rugged blend of spice, musk and excitement. It has been described as manly to the core and refreshing to the mind. Once used, it is difficult to go back to any other cologne. It is suitable to wear it at work or for casual evening parties.

Eternity Cologne for Men has become one of the favorite colognes among men for many reasons. It is a perfect scent for any man that loves scent. If you are the masculine type, rugged type or have that soft corner, few dabs of Calvin Klein Eternity for Men sprayed in the right places will help enhance natural scent. This makes an enticingly sweet, rugged and attractive scent.  It won’t stand out blatantly above the rest of the crowd and blends well in situations where others might be wearing variety of other scents.

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